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When There's Nothing Left, Regretting Is Yours .
Friday | 11:07 PM

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Olla guys !

Bertemankan lagu Nera-Hatiku Milikmu, i decided nak tulis quote for sahabat, or parents or your beloved one.

When kita ada dorang, kita tak hargai mereka. Manusia memang tak lari dari kesilapan kan ? But, sedarlah guys, di setiap nafas mereka, di setiap itulah nafasmu.

Regret is the worse part when we lose them. Tellin yourself, thats all your wrongs. Even, they doesnt. You've cried a lot. Still, they cant return for you. Listening to sad songs. And flashback your memories with them. Your eyes cant dried when knowing you cant buy a time machine with a million rings.

Feel losing them like you're losing yourself too. Pray. Believing in God. He'll lead you a better life. Recite Do'a. Istighfar. Take a deep breath, and try to get up. 

Although, they cant be yours anymore. There are a lots of people here for you. Even your enemies .

p/s : Cant thinking losing Him. Astaghfirullahalazim .

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