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Memang Sakid Kita Buat Sume tuu ..
Thursday | 11:37 PM

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Haa. Bersemangat pulak nak jadi dr.LOVE ni kan ? hee.

So, follow dis piece of advice :-

Rule 1 = Its seems like its hurt badly when u're rejected. But at the same time, you still want him, right?
^^ :- Take a dip breath. And pray, " If he's meant for me, yeah it is. But i hope my choice is the best of all," 
Rule 2 = You cant take ur eyes off him. Seriously, its gettin weird when he noticed you looking at him. so eery.
^^ :- Dont let him make u down. Theres a need to force urself bout being go on. You'll meet a better one. Trust me. 
Rule 3 = You cant forget him. Thats a fact. U still need him to be by ur side.
^^ :- Oh, dear. I can tell you. Its hard to get out when u're already inside. Finally, when you're in desperately, you'll start the jealousy things. Thats true. So, try to see everythings is gonna be fine when u're trying to forget him. 
Rule 4 = He's over another girl. Its hurt, right ? Deeply n Madly.
^^ :- When he starts to make you felt hating him, then stop. Dont be a stupid person. You can tell him, you're not 'in' him anymore. Even its not true. At least, he'll think you hate him. Just keep the feelings in ur heart. If he's meant for you, then it is. Dont cry over a boy, girl. 
Rule 5 = You still love him and that feelings never be a second buried.
^^ :- Its seems my tips not are the best. But, sometimes, the feelings will make him fell into you even its takes a long time. 

thats all. i daa penat. getting sleep sayangs.

p/s : i'll hold on what i've now. Alhamdulillah.

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