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Howl - Love You
Friday | 4:37 PM

cihh..romantik eh ptg2 jumaat ni..oke pe..smbil2 wat hmowork sains..leh gak tringat2 kat swwet memories in 2010..huh..mmg tak dapat di lupekan larrhh..oke now, tjuk entry hari nih..berkaitan dgn lagu ost Boys Over Flowers (citer gempak Korea awl thun 2010..) .. mmg lekat kat otak tni nih, ngan citer tuh..romantis plus ade gak ar nilai2 murni..*nilai murni? kepala hotak kau!..ha3

oke..now, i'll be posting the lyrics in English version..bru dpt feel..nih tidak, korean nyanyi, hafal2..tak phm -.-'..he3...persembahkannn...

 cute!..bygkan tni tuh pompuan nih (goo hye sun) dan laki tuh dia la! dia sape? pelakon nih laa...(lee min ho)!ha3

 nihlaa..barisan pelakon2 lelaki (F4) yg hot dan garjus(erk..gorgeous laa)..he3

It’s strange how we can get along so well
You must have been my other half
At times, I’d think what if I had not let go    Oh oh…
But deep within my heart
I just want you to let me stay here by your side

I’d be so thankful if I could just see you smile
Love U
You’re so precious to me
Just once…
I want to shout to the world

I love you like the sun that shines brightly in the sky
I love you like the moon that sparkles each and every night
Even if just as a friend
Yet I don’t need anything more

I love you and I promise you I will never change
I love you and I promise you I will watch over you
Can’t help but to treasure you
Love U Love U Love U
For always

You know that you can always run to me
When things just seem to get too tough
I know you love someone else, what can I do?     Oh oh…
It’s too late to regret

If you let me, I just want to be close to you
Without you, I don’t know how to live anymore
Love U
Having you is enough
Just once…
I want to shout to the world 

Only U

p/s : waa...romance..layan!...bru smalam merajok..ha3..menyampah!
p/s1 : dedicate this song for my mom and HIM

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