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Friday | 9:39 PM
i watched the wall,
as i know that we'll never built them again,
please look at my eyes,
can you see they are crying?

there're just you that im hoping will be my father to my son,
we'll living in a fairytale-house,
it's very beautiful love story for us right?

the story that made up of me just end like the dust,
last night you put your hands on my shoulder and saying ;-
"i'll remember every moments of us together,"
how minutes you just thinking that i'll be fooling by you last night?

do you know,
i go back where we meet and my tears are dried,
because my heart had fade away with the older tears,
can you tell me,
how its hurt?

i dont want to be a stupid person,
just because of you,
the eyes refusing to look in your eyes again.

p/s : just post it:v:the lyrics just made by me in 5 mins:v::face65:

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